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Thursday, January 29, 2009

From Esteem to Safety, Perceived Financial Risk and Advertising

Have you noticed the plethora of ads these days that note the economic struggles facing consumers?

This Sunday, Hyundai will air 5 spots during the Superbowl, including one that touts its no-risk guarantee - the Hyundai Assurance program. This article from MediaPost highlights the Superbowl buy and the focus of the ads.

Even luxury brands are now emphasizing the financial concerns of consumers in ads. Lexus, for instance, notes its resell value in ads, rather than the joy and pleasure or even reliability associated with owning a Lexus. Now Lexux has always pointed out to consumers that it is a better VALUE than other luxury car brands. But the latest group of ads goes farther.

The economy is on everyone's minds these days. Risk plays a role in consumer's purchase decisions. There's functional risk, social risk, psychological risk - and yes - financial risk. The new crop of ads with guarantees like Hyudai's Assurance program speak directly to the perceived financial risk consumers are facing.

They also acknowledge a shift down Maslow's hierarchy of needs for many consumers. Instead of hanging around the ego-driven esteem level, many primary consumption decisions are now motivated by safety needs - a lower level of the hierarchy.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Excuses for Slack&#^## Bloggers

Blogger, I have two new crushes. Twitter and Facebook. I've been on FB a few years but resisted getting really engaged. I'm new to tweeting, but the crowdsourcing of info-searching has me hooked.

Here's the problem - I'm microblogging, which has resulted in feeling like I have less to say on the blog. It shouldnt' really. There's room for both - I can microblog a thought or insight or link, but could assess, interpret, analyze, and comment on brand-related developments here. I just lack the motivation to blog it up when I'm busy tweeting. And really, one can even comment in-depth on facebook with notes, or on friendfeed.

What's a blogger to do?

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Getting Excited About Enterprise 2.0

This holiday season I've been focused on a three-book edited series under contract with Praeger Publishers. The topic is Enterprise 2.0 - How Technology, E-Commerce, and Web 2.0 Are Transforming BusinessVirtually. I wanted to include contributions from the thought leaders I most admire in this field and you'll see how fortunate I've been when you view the list of contributors below.

More are on the way. I've been reading drafts from other interested authors too. Lastly, I'm still in recruitment mode for contributions on the following list of topics:

*Principles of Enterprise 2.0* Perpetual Beta, Continuous Improvement in the Virtual Age* Web Security for Businesses* Leveraging the Web for Product Development* The Interaction between People and Technology and the Effect on Design* Social Software Design* Organizational Transparency* Enterprise Management* Game Simulations in the Workplace* Managing the DNA of Electronic Communication* Technological Tools: Managing the Work in "Net"Work*

Are you an expert in this area or do you have someone to propose? Please let me know!

Draft Table of Contents - Enterprise 2.0

Volume 1

1. Beyond Web 2.0: Implications for Businesses by Rob Rose

2. Making Corporate Information Meaningful in a Networked Age by James Brown

3. Sustainability Initiatives and the Enterprise 2.0 Corporation by Jason Oliver

4. Harnessing Collective knowledge: Network Cohesion in Communities of Practice by Peter Otto

5. Protecting your Brand from Brand Jacking by Jennifer Leggio

6. Social Media Law: Challenges, Solutions, and Policies by Linda Wright

7. Secure Content Management by Rob Rose

8. Widgets as Profitable Business Applications by Ryan Stewart

9. Cloud Computing: Internet Influence on International Accounting Standards by Presha Neidermeyer

Volume 2

10. Management 2.0 by Oliver Marks

11. Working in Virtual Teams by Liz Ravlin

12. Behind the Screen: Understanding Virtual Group Behavior by Rudy Nydegger

13. Virtual Interviews and eRecruiting by Lily Run

14. Community Development in a Virtual Space by Ellen Kolsto with Metaversatility

15. Email as Enemy by Oliver Marks

16. Networked Employees and the Fate of Work-Family Interference by Cheryl Adkins

Volume 3

17. Cross-Media Entertainment by Christy Dena

18. Virtual Fan Clubs and Brand Fans by Robert Kozinets

19. Growing Up "Virtual": How Interactive Technologies Impact Youth Consumer Behavior by Natalie Wood

20. Digital Direct by Lisa Spiller

21. Monitoring service failures and managing service recovery with social media by Deborah Cowles

22. Messages Still Matter: PR in a Digital World by Bob Witeck

23. Netnography: Harnassing the Data Produced by Online Commmunities for Market Research by Robert Kozinets

24. Web panels: Replacement technology for market research Anja Goritz

25. The In-Avatar Interview and Virtual Research Methods by Liz Dean and Tracy Tuten

26. Viral Communication by Thomas Donohue

27. Mass Servicing of Micromarkets by Rob Rose

28. Social Navigation, Social Researchers, and E-Shopping: Guiding Principles for E-Retailers by Tracy Tuten and Lauren Freedman

29. Digital Markets for Non-Digital Products by Scott Sherman

30. Digital Gifts: Evolving Patterns in Gift Exchange by Erika Pearson