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Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Letter to Land's End

Dear Land's End,

Tomorrow I will fly home from Zagreb, Croatia. I've just packed my bag (one of yours) and I was telling my husband the story of this bag. He said I should tell you. :)

I have a Land's End Lighthouse Wheeled Carryon (22" I believe - the largest allowed as a carry on) circa 1996. I bought this bag DURING a trip just after I finished my PhD program. I had gone to visit a friend in New York, and while on the trip, thought - I should really allow myself a decent piece of luggage. From her home, I ordered my bag, had it delivered to HER, and used it in my return travel. 

Since that time, this bag has gone everywhere I've gone. It's been to Asia (many times), Australia, most of Europe (many many times), South America, Canada, Iceland, Micronesia, and zigzagged multiple times around the US. I don't wrack up miles like those "road warriors" but I take a few trips every year. Always with this bag. For approaching 15 years now. My bag is beginning to show its age, but it's still my favorite. That same friend actually bought me a NEW bag (not one of yours) for my 40th birthday because she thought I needed something a bit fresher looking. I used it once - and went back to MY bag. 

I don't know what you warranty these bags for in terms of miles flown (though I do know all of your products have the lifetime warranty), but I did a quick guestimate and I'd say this bag will hit 350,000 miles flown by the time I get home tomorrow night. 

One day I'll upgrade to a new one just like it - but for now - I couldn't be more pleased. Thank you!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Making Promises You Can't Keep

  • In this post from Robyn Freye, agencies are called out - and clients beware. Whether promises on who will be on the account team to th digital prowess of the agency, clients need to ask the right questions to get the information they need. My favorite false promise is "we can do this quick, cheap, and well." It should be "we can do this quick, cheap, or well - choose two." Those three just can't survive together. 

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Gearing up for ad:tech

Over the last few weeks, I've been working with speakers for the Social Media Marketing Master session for ad:tech New York. We have an amazing line up of presentations including global social media research insights from Firefly, advice on understanding influence impressions from Josh Bernoff, and social media case studies from Benjamin Moore, Witeck-Combs Communications, and Siemens. 

I'll be previewing the session over the coming weeks over on the ad:tech blog. You'll also hear from the other ad:tech Marketing Masters about their sessions as well. 

Interested in going? All the details are here

Friday, October 8, 2010

Is this the mark of really mainstream social gaming?

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French Connection: Move over f-commerce, the YouTique (YouTube boutique) is here | Social Commerce Today

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