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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Business Schools Respond to Demand for Use of Social Media -

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Monday, March 22, 2010

How to deliver a rockin' client pitch

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Advertising - Campaign Turns Vanguard Brand Into a Verb -

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

If Sterling Cooper Pitched You 15 Ad Campaigns, Which One Would Rank Highest? - Mad Men - AMC

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Friday, March 5, 2010

Oscar advertisers hope to build buzz on Twitter, Facebook -

  • The Oscars are Social this year! Do you install your toilet paper over or under? Do you want to gossip live about the best and worst outfits on Facebook? If only I had an iPhone, I could predict winners with the Oscar app!

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    • Among this year's Oscar social-media tricks:

      •Be app-y. The Oscars event is getting its own iPhone app. Users can access a nominees list in all 24 categories and trailers for the 10 best picture nominees. They can make predictions to share via Facebook and Twitter. "We want to connect with movie lovers wherever they are," says Janet Weiss, the academy's director of marketing.

      •Leak ads.J.C. Penney will "leak" all seven of its Oscar ads via its Facebook page before the ads air during the show, says Nick Bomersbach, vice president of digital marketing. "The commercials are fan-based, and people like to comment on them."

      •Dish the dresses.Samsung is sponsoring's Oscar "red carpet," which will have live steaming of celebs arriving. A Facebook chat function will act as "a virtual online water cooler," says Peggy Ang, vice president of marketing.

      •Hype news. Because of Academy Awards rules, sponsor Hyundai could not have its regular ad voice, best actor nominee Jeff Bridges, in its Oscar ads. So Hyundai is explaining on Facebook it rejiggered all seven ads with famous substitutes, says marketing chief Joel Ewanick.

      •Go goofy. Advertiser Cottonelle toilet paper is nudging Oscar watchers to vote and chat online about whether they install their rolls "under or over," says John Stanwood, senior brand manager.

      •Act snarky. Oscar advertisers might learn something from the bar at hotel Casa del Mar in Santa Monica, Calif. It will have several side-by-side flat screens — one with the Oscar show, the companion with a live Twitter feed inviting guests to tweet comments. Guests who make the funniest or most biting tweets will get free drinks.

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Case Study - EPC Cigar, a Start-Up, Using Twitter to Build Buzz -

  • In this NY Times article, we hear why DeVito/Verdi recommended social media over traditional advertising for cigar manufacturer E.P. Carrillo. Social media works for small businesses. 

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    • THE CHALLENGE To develop a cost-effective and efficient marketing strategy to promote the company and its new brand, E. P. Carrillo, while building on the family’s legacy.
    • Social media allow the company to communicate directly with cigar buyers, retailers, tobacco growers and others with whom it does business, according to both EPC Cigar and its agency. This is particularly important as the popularity of once-fashionable cigar bars wanes and public smoking bans proliferate.
    • The agency has encouraged Mr. Perez-Carrillo Jr. — and not his son — to use Twitter to build and communicate with the company’s following. It is Mr. Perez-Carrillo Jr., said Tyler DeAngelo, interactive creative director of DeVito/Verdi, who is “the face of the brand.”
    • While Mr. Perez-Carrillo Jr. posts Twitter messages almost daily, Mr. Perez-Carrillo III maintains the company’s Facebook page, where he posts articles and reviews and encourages fans to comment. There are also links on the page to the company’s Twitter feed, YouTube videos and Flickr photos. Similarly, there is a box that pops up from the home page of its Web site that lets visitors “follow Ernesto” on all four social media channels.
    • One unexpected benefit is that Mr. Perez-Carrillo III has been using Google Analytics to track how many people visit the Web site and where they come from. He has discovered that almost one-third of the visitors do not live in the United States. “I’m talking to foreign distributors far more quickly than I expected I would,” he said.

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Building a Better Teacher -

  • This isn't about advertising or social media marketing, but it is about another passion of mine - teaching. In this magazine article from Elizabeth Green, she describes what Doug Lemov has learned about effective teaching. Read this when you have some time - especially if you are a teacher - it's worth it.

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

10 Top GEICO TV Commercials: Gecko, Cavemen, and Beyond

  • A review of our favorite Geico commercials courtesy of Miami Ad School. Videos included at the site. 

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    • If the phrase “an embarrassment of riches” can be applied to any advertising campaign, it can certainly be applied to the long running series of GEICO TV commercials. In the past 15 years, GEICO has made the pedestrian line “Fifteen minutes could save you 15 percent or more on car insurance” memorable through a shrewd combination of good, old-fashioned sheer repetition and one of the most prolific and varied advertising efforts in living memory. They’ve made advertising icons out of a Gecko and modern-day, still-living-among-us Cavemen, along with a veritable cavalcade of odd characters, near-celebrities, and even other consumer products.

      Here’s a brief sampling of some of the best GEICO TV work of the past decade, and then some. This is a completely unscientific sampling. And no googly-eyed “Kash” spots either. Just sit back and enjoy.

      1. Self-Licking Dog
      This is the proverbial “oldie but goodie.” Just the right amount of “eww” and a harbinger of things to come.

      2. Squirrel Hi-Five
      We always knew there was a great squirrel conspiracy. We just had no idea it went this far.

      3. Mrs. Butterworth
      “Someone’s placed a logo right over my face!” Simply classic.

      4. The First Gecko Spot
      If not for the Screen Actors Guild strike of 1999, we may have never seen the birth of this endearing character voiced here by none other than Kelsey Grammer.

      5. Airport Caveman
      To this day, perhaps the most enduring spot of the Caveman series. Sold lots of singles for the band Röyksopp, too.

      6. Into the wall
      "Listen, go-kart track, grocery store, those remote-controlled boats; when it comes to Mike Wallace, the story ends with me putting him in the wall."

      7. Butta and Jam
      It was this one or “Free Pie and Chips.” In the end, the Gecko’s “That’s a complete dramatization, of course, but you get my point,” puts this one over the top.

      8. Caveman Therapy One
      Talia Shire! Brilliant casting, and who doesn’t love “My mother’s calling; I’ll put it on speaker”?

      9. Trust Exercise
      Two words: “Oh, dear.”

      10. Charlie Daniels
      Best of the new Robert Stack “Unsolved Mysteries” Parodies. “That’s how you do it, son.”

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