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Thursday, November 18, 2010 - Google Backs Social Fashion

  • Dear Goog,  I can't thank you enough for helping my dream of owning my own dress boutique to become a reality. What I once thought would only happen when I could afford to fund what I see as a hobby can now be a reality. And I might get customers too since your technology helps buyers to find me. 

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    • The site aims to build awareness for new styles and fashions of up-and-coming designers, as well as those who are already established. There's also a crowdsourcing element. Consumers are invited to sign up and create their own boutiques, and allow others to follow their sense of fashion and style.
    • Click on the "Your Boutique" tab and the site runs through a variety of snapshots of clothing, asking the consumer to click on their style. At the end of the process, gives the consumer a label. For example, a "BOHO" may identify with bohemian fashion from decades past, but Google suggests the look is anything but dated. Vintage prints paired with contemporary silhouettes are the keys to everyday ensembles. The site calls BOHOs a mix master of feminine details, inspired by eclectic accessories. Not just a trend, the Boho signature style expresses a carefree indie spirit.
    • Google allows site visitors to create an account to save and share fashion items placed in "love" and "hate" categories. A built-in preview function helps consumers see similar items or purchase the product. And the prices are all over the map. In the shoe category, for example, consumers can choose from Valentino's lace masterpieces or Christian Louboutin's red-heeled works of art to a more casual and affordable Ralph Lauren.

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