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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What went wrong with ads shown during the Oscars?

  • Research from Ace Metrix suggests that ads showing during the Oscars broadcast were disappointing on many levels.

    Despite the big ad buy, brands overall didn't use the opportunity to engage consumers beyond the 30 second commercial. Ace Metrix scored commercials on persuasion, watchability, desire, relevance, and likeability. The scores suggest that agencies and brands should do more testing prior to producing and broadcasting commercials. 
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    • The JCP ads failed for a number of reasons, Ace Metrix's Daboll tells Marketing Daily. Ace Metrix scores ads across a number of criteria to come up with the total Ace Score, and these ads did poorly across almost every one, especially in "persuasion," "watchability," "desire," "relevance," and "likeability."

      Specifically, on average, their "desire scores" (meaning that the ad made consumers want the product), were 80 points below the norm for all ads in the Ace Metrix database (a good barometer for a national program). "This was despite the fact that a couple of the JCP ads scored above norm in 'change,' indicating that the ads caused people to change their view on JCP," he says.

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